Order Status NOT refreshing/updating instantly when orders is placed from Client computer under SQL configuration

Hi @emre, I need clarification on on following behaviour. Is there a work around or its a know behaviour?

When order is placed from client computers status on the main server computer does not get updated/refreshed instantly. This behaviours does not appear when you are RDP into different user account on main server computer and carrying out the same test.

Below is an example of the behaviour, I have RDP into main server computers to explain the issue clearly.

On below example the screen on the left is my client computer (‘Client System’) and on the Right server computer (‘Main Server Computer’).

I have selected Table 1 on client computer and selected some items.

when ticket is closed after adding items, Table Status for Table 1 changes instantly on client computer but the Table Status on the server computer does NOT change it remains white (it should have changed to yellow).

When Table 1 is selected on the server computer the ticket is same as client computer (this is fine).

The status (Table 1) on the server computer only changes if you select the table or if your exit the table entity screen and re-enter again.

In my configuration i’m Running Windows Message server, port 8383.


I’m assuming you have the Messaging Server running on your Main Server and have set to Port 8383 and have also added your client Terminals in Settings - Terminals

Then on your client PC you need to configure, the name of the terminal i.e POS1 and enter the Messaging Server Name and Port in the Local Settings. See:

Restart SambaPOS and you should see Connected in green on the bottom left corner of login screen:

Please note you will have to do this for each client terminal.

Hi @Isaac, the port settings on server and client pc configured to 8383. All the settings are correct. Client pc also displays connected.

Please confirm you are only running the messaging server on the main server and not on client pc?

Have you added your client terminals in Local Settings - Terminals and selected the correct terminal name in Local Settings?

Client terminals settings are all correct. The issue probably related to message server running on the client computer. Message server was was configured on both server and clients. I’ll give that a try after it return from Sunday shopping, thanks

Message server should be running ONLY on SERVER computer and CLIENT should be running only on client computers…


Okay that should solve your problem. Messaging Server should only run on the Server and not on client pc’s.

In local settings on client, change the Message Server Name to the name of the server pc on which the Messaging Server was installed.

Thanks guys following did the trick…

“In local settings on client, change the Message Server Name to the name of the server pc on which the Messaging Server was installed”

Thank you!!!