Order status not set to New on first order of ticket

I’ve done away with departments keeping Pickup Ticket and Delivery Ticket.

On ticket created one is prompted to select a ticket type; this changes the ticket type and the menu.

When selecting “Pickup” the initial order’s Status = New. However, when selecting “Delivery” the initial order’s Status = null for the same menu item.

I notice that, unlike “Pickup”, when delivery is selected the menu item is already added to the ticket prior to portion selection and then the portion is changed upon selection. Subsequent orders have Status = New.

This only happens on items for which there is a popup to select a portion.

I went through item by item in the rule debugger and aside from the ticket type what’s executed appears to be identical.



Order Added to Ticket’s rules sort order:

New order added rule:

Debugger output - left is Pickup, right is Delivery

Once again, I’m stumped. Any pointers would be most appreciated. TIA


I don’t have any automation relying on order state. Is there any harm in not having Status set?

Thats odd. Can’t really help much with the limited screens provided. There is obviously more going on than the single order added rule.

Does it cause any processing issues? I’m wondering if its related to the default ticket type in relation to the department.

It’s because of the flow of changing ticket type. When you change ticket type you should separate your automation.

The automation is separated


Its not though. It looks like your entire flow was triggered with Order added event.

You need to change ticket type before an order is added.

I have a separate rule that triggers on ticket created to select ticket type. If there’s no open ticket, does the order added event also create a ticket?

However within the rule for order added that selects portion there is an action to update order’s Status = New that doesn’t stick.

I was able to get it work by using Change Ticket Properties action. Not sure if this will work for your setup…but it may be worth a try:




You might just need to add a Display Ticket Action at the end of your chain. Try that first before you try the above method.

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I was just getting ready to post after waiting on the internet connection to come back. Thanks for your reply.

I removed the Deliverers entity from the ticket type and now it works. I have no idea why but I’ll take it.

Or maybe it was because I had the rule debugger going. I dunno.

I saw you had a combo rule in your setup. I don’t know if it is the automatic combo builder setup. If it is, I have had problems with the Execute Find Combo rule if it was not at the bottom of the Order Added to Ticket list. If it was near the top of the list, it would mess up some of my rules.

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I took them out of execution and it was still happening.

But all’s well that ends well =]

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Rule debugger can interfere with rule flow sometimes. Also Entity Types can cause it if switching ticket type.

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