Order TAG Display

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sir is it possible to see or tags like chichken lettuce onion one single line rather each on seperate line after the prodcut on left
and other thing on right can when we put order tag in product list rather of seeing all the toppings can we only see what that wrap has as standrad topping so you can you your prefex rather seeing all the toppings of all the wraps

thanks in advance

Im sorry but I am trying to understand your questions but having trouble. If I understand correctly, you want to show all included items in wrap automatically in one line when wrap is added to ticket? In order for order tag to show in one line the only way I am aware of is the suffix feature as shown below. I dont see why you couldnt add an action to tag order with Chicken.Lettuce.Onion Order Tag when chicken supreme wrap is added. I kinda see where your headed with this, your cooks probably forget whats on each wrap so they need to see it everytime. I never ran accross this issue because a cook is always supposed to know whats in a chicken supreme wrap so whats in the order tags is all extra mods or removing/subbing stuff. Maybe you should just train your cooks to memorize the food theyre making? I think that would be an easier solution. Its going to be ALOT of tedius work to get the solution that your approaching. Also not practicle in my opinion as im currently already thinking of multiple user issues/confusion your waitresses will experience.

There is {ORDER TAG LIST} I think

hi thanks for your reply
may be you can help me with i want to creat a takeaway button when pressed it get me new ticket and when i close it holds the tickt and i can take other order

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Just assign a ticket tag or entity, you can then just close the ticket and come back to it later using the ticket list, thats probably the simplest way

Or search the forum for held tickets, suspended sales, bar tabs for some more advanced tutorials

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You won’t be able to change the tag list on screen, the tag list suggested above will work for printing.
As for tags display on right you probably need to adjust your mapping and setup some grouping.

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