Order Tag Feature Request

I would like to feature request the ability to map a order tag to a menu. We have Daily menus that have the same product everyday but different side items that they can or cannot get on some days. Id like to be able to map the sides to the product then the menu as well so it only shows on that product for the day the menu is active.

That would be difficult because order tags don’t modify menu they modify products. Let me look at that we may have a solution.

Could you use nested order tags… You could have the first line of order tags be the day of the week and the second line of order tags to be the specific sides available for the day.

I use this functionality in my dive shop to give a discount on equipment rental charges… If the equipment should be discounted, first the operator needs to select the reason for the discount (1) and then they select which piece of equipment is being discounted (2)…