Order Tag Formatting

@emre can we include order tag price in the display format or have separate format field for it?

On a separate not I would personally prefer that if no display format is specified that the order tags took on the display format for the order itself…
For example in mysetup I have defined a formatting state for orders which has bright white for New, light grey for submitted and dark grey with strike-through for void.
However order tags formatting is consistent in any format. So have opted for the submitted colour for now.

On this subject what i think would also be awesome would be an option on order state with formatting to hide order tags.
This would mean that VOID orders would show as a single line.

But in the mean time order tag with unspecified format taking the orders display format would be ideal.
The void for example, still shows the price.

also see related stuff in the other topic: Display format of order line

what are you trying to achieve with this post?

Purpose: connect related topics on the forum by linking. Helping others find the relevant information.
I wish there were more such links like that as it would make navigating the information about specific subjects much easier.

recently worked on Order Line Formatting and found most of the information in that post.
Unfortunately much of the relevant information on the forum is scattered all over and often times buried deep inside long topics where some posts are actually misleading as users speculate, test, revise methods, etc.

I think the forum needs some posts having structured lists and links to give it more structure.
It’s a lot of work but hopefully i will find the time at some point to contribute more.

Regarding Order Line formatting, Emre says he has expanded Display Format functionality in version .61 so we can now insert {ITEM TAG:x} and possibly others. Excellent improvement!
I haven’t yet explored what tags are supported but will be making use of {ITEM TAG:x} to insert our other languages into order lines in specific cases.

@Emre I also desire separate formatting on Order Tag Groups, which is the OP subject here, so we can make some tags stand out using colors and sizes.
(P.S. This FEATURE is ALREADY in SambaPOS! silly me)
It will also be very useful to be able to hide certain types of Order Tags via a similar mechanism as the OP has requested. We need it mainly because of limited vertical space on a small tablet, and scrolling a ticket via RDP is sluggish and troublesome. Scrolling typically requires 2 fingers so it is more waiter friendly to squeeze more orders into the space displayed without scrolling.

Using Windows tablets we can have responsive scrolling but it is still much better and less error prone to see all the orders at one glance without having to scroll. It would be beneficial to suppress any order tags which are only used for internal logic.

The placeholder line for displaying states under the item is also taking up valuable space when all states are configured with “Show on Ticket” disabled.

It’s fine for average sized tables but larger orders wont fit and require scrolling.

That feature has been available since v4. It is only applicable in Printer Templates, not for the display. However, there is something called Order Tag Notes which might be used for display purposes.

You can color and size your Groups on the display already. You can also hide them from display.

They will always show for Admin User Roles regardless of that setting. If the User is not an Admin, then the States are hidden when “Show on Ticket” is disabled.

Check mine in the screenshots above, there are no states visable on non admin at all.

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Slight misunderstanding here. By “placeholder” I am referring to the blank space under the order line which is where the states are displayed when enabled. Those valuable vertical pixels are still occupied even when logged in as normal user it seems.

The ability to use {ITEM TAG:x} in ORDER STATE Display formatting in version .61 is the topic here, but i should have been more explicit. am kinda of new to this forum posting thing but hoping to contribute more as time permits. …
We are storing other language item names in the product custom tags, so now can display them on tickets which is useful for some internal operations where staff can’t understand English. Version .60 didn’t accept printer tags in there.

About the Tag formatting, my apologies for not seeing it!
all can ignore that feature request!

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