Order Tag Modifier Popup

Help me I want config portion from


How can i do?

You have to make own automation for that.
There will be direction on forum. Probably the post you got that pic from.
That uses a order added rule with ask question action.

Theres a tutorial emre did for that, thats how i have it setup, only downside is you cant format the button text

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Another with order tags that @sukasem created
Order Tags & Portion Popup Ask Question


thank you @RickH but now I get ideas config samba to parking
I want pop up textbox,button and insert number car on order tags .how can i do?

You need the add order tag action and use a variable in the order tag field, something like [:Order Tag]

One way is to create a button to add this info so create an auto command button called Car Number

Then create an auto command executed rule, add the auto command button to the rule under custom constraints i think it is. Then add the add order tag action and in the field labelled Order Tag enter:

[ ?Enter Car Number;;;OCN ]

That will produce a number pad once the Car Number button is pressed, enter the number and it will add it as an order tag


yes I want Popup Order tag Enter Car Number but now i use temphate

I described one way above