Order tag printing in red color

Hello, I am looking to print the order tag in red color and black color. In the ticket, it has two lines of order tag. In line one, I want to have the black color and the line two, I want to have the red color. I tried to put 27,114,1. It prints both in red color. Do you have any ideas? I would appreciated it.

Don’t see any red there…
If you want specific tags in red you will need to specify in template.
Can you elaborate on what you want red?

Thank you. In these pictures, when I make an order, which having two orders tag. When It prints out, it prints both tag order in red color(it depends on the code that I put in ).My purpose is I want the first order tag is printing in red and the second order tag is printing in black.

two line in order tag.

What I’m trying to say is why first black and others after red?
Typically you would want specific groups or tags in red rather than just 1st and other after.
Specifying red for a tag type/group would be doable by setting a seccond tag template with tag type/name specified - similar to how the order section for general and void is set to a different template section.
You have posted in a V4 question, are you using V4 or v5 as this may effect the options available to achive this depending exactly on what you want.

Thank you. Can you make the demonstration how to setup the second tag template with tag type and name? I am kind of confused. Appreciated.

I’ll find something on forum when at PC.
Ticket template is just like a mail merge.
The [ORDER TAGS] sectuon is used for each tag in the {ORDER TAGS} position in the mail LAYOUT section
You can specify specific teplate sections as you will see for ORDERS:Void on default template.

Thank you. I will keep my eyes on your update.