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Hi guys,

Im running a café that serves English breakfast and from time to time customers make changes to set breakfast options.

For example:

  • Breakfast 1 includes egg, bacon, Cumberland sausage and beans.

  • Instead of beans, the customer wants an extra egg - which will be free.

  • But he also wants to add another egg and a portion of bacon which will cost him some money.

How can I make such adjustments in sambapos?

I currently have the layout below, but want to know if theres a better, more efficient way.

Holy order tags Batman! Anyhoo, you can add a price to an order tag as seen below:

Instead of the price listing next to the order tag/modifier, you can have the price included in the item row by selecting “Add Tag Price To Order Price” under the tag general settings:


Did you know you can have the screen for order tags pop-up automatically for certain products when entered? It saved us a bunch of time when I found the option.

Have a look here, too, for an in-depth discussion: Using Order Tags as Product Modifiers

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Ah yes, English breakfast for you!!

What Im trying find out is if theres a way that when I click on a button from the ‘Breakfast Eliminations’ page, an option from the ‘Breakfast Extras’ page becomes free, but any other item comes with a price.

If that at all makes sense

What I’ve done is a "NO <THIS>" followed by "SUB <THIS>" with substitutes having their own order tag group. Having NO/SUB in the order tag helps me, at least, with inventory when configuring recipes.


With all the order tags, you may want to consider filtering by prefix so you won’t be scrolling for days. [New 4.1.22] Filtering Order Tags by Prefix

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If you can rely on staff you could just use prefix on free ones for no and add rather than seperate groups for free.
Wouldn’t be any different staff reliability wise than existing setup.
Failing that more elaborate ask question solution that asks what to take off then what to replace with.

You can also have a negative price. So if someone just doesn’t want the eggs make the price for the eggs order tag -2.00.

this could work, but all the items have different prices. Or does negative pricing work in a different manner?

Prefix of free list for swaps is likely what you want

Is this what you mean then?

But this way I can only do one substitution. Any way to make this twice?

Found a solution to the selection problem.

I changed max selection from 2 to 4, now I can select to ‘No’ and 2 ‘Add’ options

You set the pricing at the Order Tag level. In your example above the beans/egg swap works fine if the items are the same price. However if someone swaps beans for bacon I imagine that will cost you more.
So your breakfast starts off at 5.45, no egg(-0.50) = 4.95, no beans(-0.50) = 4.45 add bacon(1.00) = 5.45 add sausage(1.00) = 6.45.

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What you’re saying is true in theory, however we do allow substitues of all kind, but at reduced portion sizes. In that case, we would only give a single rash of bacon rather than 2 rashes.

For what I need, I think the prefix method will work.

Thank you anyway

If you use the Prefix and add an egg for instance (as an extra not a substitution) the Tag price doesn’t get added to the price.

In your case it doesn’t matter because you have an ‘Extras’ list anyway, this is just an FYI for others. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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