Order tag screen comes up scrolled halfway through

When I click an item and the order tags show up, its scrolled down like half way through. Im afraid this can cause waitresses to miss things at the top. Its not a huge deal but is there any way to make it start scrolled at the top all the way?

Can you post a screen shot that shows the issue?

IF you have a FREE Tagging enabled, then the Order Tag will show up with the FREE Tag text box in focus, effectively scrolling the screen so that the box is in view. To avoid this, change the order of your Order Tags to place the FREE Tag at the top of your list.


Okay that makes sense, my free tags are already above my order tags however the prefixes are above my free tags, and thats what is getting cut off. Also when a waitress modifies one item and leaves it scrolled all the way at the end then goes to another item with the same order tags, it starts scrolled all the way at the end. I know my uncles restaurant has some really “not smart” waitresses that will find ways to screw up in the most simple pos environment, so this may not seem like a critical thing however I can see them forgetting to scroll up and ignoring the other order tags.

Okay I know what is happening. Basically the program remembers the scroll location of another item and does it for all the items. So when I click 2 eggs and apply all my order tags as normal then close go to next item it comes either scolled down all the way like I left the other item or it was scrolled down all the way but it focused the first free tag input location and scrolled back up just enough to see the free tag thus cutting out anything above it, which another order tag with no free tag.

If you want a video please let me know I can post one for you showing the issue. Thanks!