Order tag show PDF file

Is it possible to setup an order tag to show a PDF file? I want to be able to select a product within a ticket to show a pdf file containing instructions on how to make a cocktail and a picture of what it should look like.

you can use a show message action or ask question action, i have done this very thing, although havent integrated a picture yet. You can set an external image file to open but as it isnt part of samba you have to manually close it

ill show you what i have done now…

Blue Lagoon added to ticket

I select my order options menu to display the following

Select the Blue Lagoon order on the ticket screen to highlight it and then press the purple cocktail/shot receipe button to display the receipe


You can actually add a photo too


Thanks @RickH, this is perfect!

I think i already wrote a tutorial for it ill find it now

Not so much a tutorial but screenshots in a conversation of how to set it up