Order tag suffix

I’ve been seeing talk about order tag suffixes in the forums, but unfortunately I can seem to find how to set them up. I would like to use them for my toast selection in my breakfast menu. If this has been answered can someone just direct me in the right direction. Thanks

What are you wanting to achieve?

I saw this example in one of the topics

I was thinking i could probably use something like this to get my toast orders in.


What are all your toast options.
Ive not used yet but understand the quoted method is to create submenus of tags.

You would have Cheese as one button, selecting would show Hard and soft options and so on.
The list above is the tag list itself, the . is setting the breakdown.

OK so we have White, Wheat, Rye, Bagel, English Muffin
the standard way of serving is toasted with butter. Sometimes customers want them dry, well done, not toasted, with cream cheese
I have prefixes on now but the issues is when they want multiple prefixes. (Well Done Dry Wheat Toast)

Well Done Dry is two prefixes… makes seance,
Not sure if this principle using . would work within prefixes, if not might make a good request.

To use suffixes you literaly name your tags exactly like what you quoted above. It was not just a setting breakdown… it was an exact test setup.

Screenshots say a million words btw. It can help us suggest better options.

You probably shouldnt use Prefix the way you are but without a screenshot its hard to understand.