Order Tag than don't discount from Inventory

Hello I have a little problem.
I have some dishes that usually have certain ingredients, for example, a Pizza usually have Cheese or a Hamburger usually have tomato so i indicate this in the dish’s recipe, but sometimes the clients order Pizza without Cheesse or Hamburguer without Tomato, I use order tags for indicate this cases (no cheese, no tomato), but still the cheese and tomato are discount from inventory, i need that doesn’t happen, so I try using negative values in the recipe when the order tag is selected, but dont worked. Any idea how to do it? Thanks for read.

PD: Sorry for my english jeje

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This should be easy to do through Recipe Order Tag mapping. Show your Recipe for Pizza. Show your Order Tags for Pizza.

This is the Pizza Recipe:


This is the inventory:

When i buy a pizza does the inventory properly discount:


But when I use the order tag ‘Sin Queso’ (No Cheese):


Still discount Queso (Cheese) from the inventory:

I want that this dont happen.

Show your Order Tags.

Recipes will consume from inventory if the Order Tag is selected.

Your Pizza Order has no Order Tags in the screenshot. It does not even have Queso. It should indicate with an Order Tags either “Queso” or “Sin Queso”.

Then in the Recipe, only map the “Queso” Order Tag. Do not map the “Sin Queso” Order Tag.

Again, show your Order Tag setup. You should not have any Products in the Tag mappings.

But I need that not discount from inventory when the Tag ‘Sin Queso’ is selected. and in any other case i need that always discount queso from inventory.

This are Order Tags:


The Tag ‘- Queso’ actually means ‘Doble Queso’ (Doble Cheese) and the ‘- Sin’ from the previous post is a Prefix.

Re-Read the forum I find a solution:

The samba have a option, when we create a recipe we can have the symbol " ! " this tell the program that invert the logic, this is the post:

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