Order Tag w/Free Tagging price does not work

Running SambaPOS V4.1.10 and decimal price do not work with Order Tag w/Free Tagging.

Free Tagging improvement suggestions:

  1. Call virtual keyboard, once Order Tag w/Free Tagging Textbox is selected.
  2. Remove Text field from virtual keyboard. It is confusion if Text field on virtual keyboard is clicked. Text in no longer showing on Order Tag w/Free Tagging.

Video Demo

Can you try it with 4.1.11 update?

Hi Emre,

V4.1.11 works properly if you have pointer at beginning. See below.

Can decimal mask be removed and have it except numbers only?

Did you get a chance to look at touchscreen feedback I reported earlier.

Video Demo

Thank you for the great work.

Thank you for the great video explanation. I quickly released it to solve the urgent problem. I’ll release better handling on further updates.

I tried to handle touch events on 4.1.11 but it seems it didn’t work. I’ll try to obtain a touch screen like yours to test that.

Great. Thank you.

Touchscreens are with 10 point touch on Windows 8. I assume most Windows 8 will have similiar touchscreen.

Dell Inspiron 2020 w/Touchscreen