Order Tags and Warehouses

You already mapped order tag to a product while defining the order tag. You shouldn’t map it on recipe. I think I explained it on my previous post.

Also @QMcKay created a great tutorial in detail.

So above my screen shot only ordertag mapped not in reciep for that setup when product sold working fine , when ordertag associated product sold inventory not working .
I tried those posts but as i said cannot create 2 receip for same product , any way i ll try hard once again if its my mistake thank you.

OK I think I misunderstood your question. You can’t create 2 recipes for Coke. If Coke for combo menu is different than main Coke you can create another inventory item for it. Other than that I didn’t understand the need for 2 recipes.

Iam sorry to say I tried much as I but no luck any way, it would be much appreciate instead giving ideas make a tutorial anyone practically will help,
Request is: Order tag inventory with normal portion ( default portion) Ex: A can of coke sell individually and in lunch combo via order tag . I hope some one who has successful setup will help thank you in advance.

@qmckay did a really nice tutorial that covers everything and Emre linked it to you. Did you see that?

Also did you miss where he said this:

Basically we can not understand what your trying to really do.

@Jesse yes i saw those tried simple what i want is order tag inventory . I have a product called coke sell individually and we have combo we sell coke in combo too . Iam able to track coke inventory but order tag is not working i followed those tutorials when order tag selected its showing double consumption .

Its showing double because you are using 2 recipes… 2 recipes means its going to double… I still have no idea what your doing… why do you have an order tag for coke and why are you using 2 recipe?

Thank you all it I sworking now, as I removed product in order tag and created a fresh recipe for the combo item with ordertags as inventory items listed. and practically this going well . bit confused me but finally its worth asking and learning .

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@emre I don’t know why I always confused on order tag inventory, as this looked fine but today I noticed its reducing 2 in inventory. I think I need proper guidance where is my mistake? be fore I thought just map a product to order tag will simply deduct from inventory, but not I hope than why we need a product column in order tag list?

Why are you using 2 recipe? Its deductibg two bevause your using two recipe for the item.

Why did you include all of them in your main recipe? Does it really include all of those?

Everytime you sell that it will deduct all of those PLUS any tags you may add that are linked to a recipe.

Product column links it to a recipe not a product.

Take the time to read all of the tutorial slowly and get basics working then try tp expand.

I was using like that before and tried those order tgas was not deducting, so I will delete the recipe again and add in main product .

I hate to keep referring you to his tutorial but it already explains it best and yet you keep doing the same thing. The same thing is not right. Look at the tutorial and read all of it.

Your order tag was setup correctly. Your main chicken recipe wasnt.

@Jesse sorry you mentioned why two reciepes so I deleted one specially created for order tag ( L & P Drink) , and added another line in L&P Recipe as order tag but , its even not showing 1 sold item as I attached pics

Your main recipe for the chicken is wrong. You set it to deduct all of those beverages. Your original setup was fine but you needed to take the drinks out of your chicken recipe.

You are using Products right… not Inventory Items?

Thank You Yes I hope iam doing correct this time , I created main product receipe with out inventory items and its looks like proper way.

If you are using Order Tag mapping in the Recipe, or you have a Recipe defined for the Product, you should remove the Product that is mapped in the Order Tag screen. Don’t do both.

The Rule of thumb now is: do not assign Products to Order Tags, ever.

Use Recipes exclusivevly for inventory. For something like Soda where you sell it as a stand-alone product and as an included Order Tag with some other Product, you need to define 2 recipes.

The master Product Recipe for the Soda for when you sell it alone.

A Recipe for the “other Product” where in the Recipe you choose Soda, and link it to the appropriate Order Tag.

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What he has not really shared yet is if he is using Products or actual inventory Items. It would help us understand it better if we knew that. Reason being that its a completely different setup depending on which one your using.

I have a theory that he is trying to use the setup for Inventory Items but has not truly setup the Items yet. And it appears he is mixing the basic Products setup with the Inventory Items setup.

Clearly I can see why its deducting two but its hard to recommend a solution until we understand what method he plans to use.