Order Tags and Warehouses

Are you referring to Products Inventory or Menu Items? Just wondering if you should include this little bit of “gold” as a Tip in your Primer to me :grinning:

I was/am ever so grateful for that as Inventory just came to life after that and in 6 weeks I have no calls from my venue! I just call them asking how are things…

@QMcKay Thank you for the suggetions , I follow those and inventory I only use drinks to track , so no food inventory items exist, but couple of food combo has drink order tags. so I will un map in food item and add in drink receipt? Ex: Coke has its own receipt and for order tag another Coke receipe? I tried this but saying this product go already a receipt .
when I added food item recipe its showing in cost report as I don’t need those food items in the report I just want to track drinks.

The Rule of thumb now is: do not assign Products to Order Tags, ever.
 `you need to define 2 recipes.`

Example:A coke as individual and with burger combo : I cannot create 2 coke receipt with same product its giving error that already has a receipe. I can add a inventory item in one receip but deducting two.
One more suggestion/Idea will help a lot Thank you in Advance

@QMcKay Thank you I tried two ways 1.Removed product from order tag and added receipe with inventory item line mapped product 2.Added product in order tag and created a dummy receipe and no inventory items in it . The result is same works same . Easy way my opinion: The easiest way is add product in order tag reason: if I added a new order tag in future make sure you need to change/create in receipe too, but when product mapped in order tag you don’t need to add inventory item line in receipe . more suggetions welcome