Order Tags Auto-select Menu Config Mapping Issue?

I have menu items with order tags defined which work fine when order tags are unique.
The issue arises when the tag is not unique eg lettuce (it is in multiple order tags groups)

When the order is added lettuce is tagged but it seems to be from an un-mapped order tag group. ( I cannot deselect it) clicking lettuce on the mapped order tag group just adds a new ‘lettuce’.

If I change the tags to lettuce 1 lettuce 2 for example it works fine.

Is there a reason why menu pre-defined order tags do not obey mappings?

I then came across this post by QMcKay where he seems to use OrderTagGroupName=Tag,Tag,Tag,OrderTagGroupName2=Tag,Tag

This format does not work for me but I found this does.
Is this the correct way to do this?

I have different OTGroup for different portions.
Using OTGroupName1=Tag1,OTGroupName=Tag2,OTGroupName1=Tag3,OTGroupName2=Tag1,OTGroupName2=Tag2,OTGroupName2=Tag3
When I add the item it selects all tags (which seems strange)
If I change the portion to meal or back to single it selects the wrong tags for some reason.
Here is how I assigned Order Tags in the menu. I have 2 Order Tag Groups mapped to each Portion.
Burger Modifier Single=Mayo,Burger Modifier Single=Cheese,Burger Modifier Meal=Lettuce,Burger Modifier Meal=Mayo,Burger Modifier Meal=Ketchup,Burger Modifier Meal=Cheese,Burger Modifier Meal=Coke,Burger Modifier Meal=Chips

Is this even how this should be done?

Sorry for the long messy post. I’m trying to give as much information as I can.

Yes, that is the correct way. But if you have certain Order Tags that are in one Group only, then you don’t need to use the “Group=” at all, which is why you can sometimes do:


That ^ basically means that Tag1 is in more than 1 Group, so we specify the Group with Group=, while Tag2 and Tag3 are both in single Groups only, so the Group= specification is not required.

The Auto-tag will work on the “default” Portion which is the first listed Portion for the Product, unless otherwise specified explicitly in the Portion column of the Menu Item.

This could be happening when you have “single” (Max Quantity=1) Tag restrictions. So for example, if you have Ketchup auto-selected, then you change the Portion, it is like clicking the Ketchup Order Tag button, which effectively removes the Tag… it is toggling it.

So again referring to the image, it might work better for you to explicitly set the “default” Portion.

So it will force tag an order even if the item is not mapped to that OTGroup? The mappings only apply to the displayed selection menu rather than the tags themselves.
And portion switching will not retag and order.

So potentially I can have this work the way I want by eliminating portions. I’m going to have to tweak my menu, some items have 4 or 5 portions.

Is possible to auto select a tag twice the same as clicking it twice so it shows like Order Tag x 2

Yes that appears to work…

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Great , stupid me was trying x 2 and *2. I never try the most logical things first.