[Order Tags] Is this possible? (SOLVED, thanks @JohnS)

I have a special kind of sandwich that uses different order tags than the rest of the sandwiches.

So, I made two types of order types, one for “sandwiches” general, and one for this special sandwich.

Now, when I select any sandwich, the correct order tag appears, but when I select the special sandwich, all order tags appear, the ones for “general” sandwiches and the one specially created for that sandwich.

Is it possible to “hide” the general order tags for that special sandwich?



This is due to you order tag mapping. Your general sandwich order tags are mapped to all sandwiches.
Put your special sandwich in its own product group, so it doesn’t get all the other order tags.
When mapping order tags, you can select a group or product(s), but you can’t select all but one product in a group unless you add a mapping for each product in that group, which is messy.

You got a great Idea… it´s own group, thus, i can use it in the menus sandwich group.

THANKS!!! on more time!!!


Thanks!!! sometimes the solution is in front of ny nose, but still I cannot see it… Thanks @JohnS