Order Tags not working

Hello there
I have a problem with order tags not working for some reason.

I have a setup for two kind of products
1.- For a combo which includes wings+fries + a bucket of beer
2.- buckets of beer

The order tag is to include the beers of the bucket (6-10 or 20 pzs) and customer is able to mix different brands of beer.

When i select the combo and select the beers for it. I have no problem they are deducted from my inventory at zero price and works well, just the way it is supposed.

But when i select a bucket of beer and select the beers from the order tag list they are not deducted from inventory.

Same order tag is used on both products Combo and Buckets. One works and the other doesnt work. WHY?? i cannot figure it out. help please

Please show screenshots demonstrating the display on the Ticket for each scenario.

Next, we should look at your Recipes.