Order Tags / Portions and Calculate Takeway Discount

Hi guys,

I have the following scenario / problem :-

I have two departments setup in the system Restaurant / Takeaway. This is mainly to track takeaway sales vs Dine-in sales. The menu is identical in both departments but prices vary by items.

We have order tags assigned to some items for the “Restaurant” use ie: “Curry” has order tag of “Lamb”, “Chicken” etc

And for the “Takeway” we use the Portions to differentiate the same items ie ;for “Curry” we have portions “TA-Lamb”, “TA-Chicken” setup. This is mainly because we do not have a fixed differentiation in Takeaway pricing as most other establishments do ie: 10% off total bill.

The question I have :-

  1. Assuming is we were to go with the approach of 10% off the total bill (Rounded Up) for “Takeaway”. How would we achieve this? Can there be a calculation key setup so that the operator presses this button and the system will automatically take 10% off the bill and Rounds up the amount.

  2. In the scenario above, we may have some items that are not discounted by the 10%. Can we do this? ie: 10% off total for the items that have flag “takeway” and no discount on items that do not have a “takeway” flag. All this needs to be rounded up.

The objective is to avoid having to use “Order Tags” and “POrtions” at the same time to achieve this as I find this to be cumbersome. I am not even certain that I have approached this whole situation the right way. I am sure some smart people like you will be able to advise me otherwise and put me down the right path :slight_smile:

Also in the current setup, I may have come across a bug :-

When I click on the “Takeaway” department “Select” a “Customer” enter the order and close the ticket. The ticket is not visible in the “Customer Tickets” tab. I have to go to 1) main menu 2)Tickets 3) Find the ticket 4) Click Display to settle it etc.

Just a note that I upgraded this system from v3.

Thanks again everyone for this wonderful product.


Apologies team, the issue with the missing tickets in Customer Tickets has been resolved. I found out that the correct department hasn’t been assigned to the Entity.

Thank you