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I know that there is a way to display menues based on time and day, but wanted to see if there is a way to show or hide order tags based on day or time? So for instance we have certain soups on certain days which we have working with the different menus. Veggie soup and chicken noodle soup shows up on monday. But for some items like the half a sandwich we have a cup of soup which we would like to specify using a order tag. Only problem is that the half a sandwich menu items are available every day but as i stated above the soup changes and we always have more than one so we need this specified on the ticket. Is there a way to use a rule to map a order tag to a product based on day?

So you have not said but I am assuming soups are order tags? Or is it only cup of soup?

The first thing I can think of is multiple menu’s and separate product with appropriate order tags mapped to that specific product.


Menu 1 - Product=Half Sandwich1 Order Tag=Cup Veg Soup

Menu 2 - Product=Half Sandwich2 Order Tag=Cup Chicken Noodle Soup

The Veg Soup order tag is mapped to Half Sandwich1 product
The Chicken Noodle Soup order tag is mapped to Half Sandwich2 product

Menu 1 is only available at 2pm Menu 2 is available only at 3pm.

You can edit the Menu so for product it shows the same name using the header so the menu will look the same other than order tags.

Soups are menu items and order tags… so we have a bowl of veggie soup or chicken noodle monday, tuesday is beef strogenoff and cream of potato etc… so those days the soups are also the order tags for if a person wants a cup of soup as a side. if we only had one soup a day then i could just put cup of soup as the order tag but we dont so to keep the kitchen from asking id like to have the order tag just be the soup name when they choose the half a sandwich cause the kitchen will know that its a side of that soup when its the half a sandwich menu item.

Its a little work to get it setup like I mentioned but once you are done it will work flawlessly and you wont have to mess with scripts or anything complicated its just a menu switch and Order Tags mapped to products.

To ensure the product looks the same on the ticket template you could use a single space after name instead of the 1. A space after the last letter in the name will make it unique from the other one but in ticket and screen it will look the same.

ah I didnt think of trying that. Ill give that a shot. We do have different menus for everyday so this should work for me… ill try it and let you know if i run into any issues. Thanks @Jesse

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Of course we could do more advanced things with scripts etc but honestly even though it requires some extra work to setup I think this route might be the most reasonable.

Hmm i guess the problem that im running into is with the mappings of the order tags… I can map them to the products but not the menu for that day. So the sandwiches are on all menus because they are the same everyday and i would rather not have the same Ham & Chz Sandwich product in the system 7 times. So for your example above it wouldnt work because the menu products will be the same everyday its the order tags that i want to change. Below is a better example of what im talking about.

Menu Mon - Product=Half Ham & Chz Sand. Order Tag=Cup Veg Soup
Menu Mon - Product=Half Ham & Chz Sand. Order Tag=Cup Chicken Noodle Soup

Menu Tues - Product=Half Ham & Chz Sand. Order Tag=Cup Beef Strogenoff
Menu Tues - Product=Half Ham & Chz Sand. Order Tag=Cup Cream of Potato

The Product is the same everyday the Order tag changes based on the menu. I could do Half Ham & Chz Sand but then when i go to change prices im going to have to change it 7 times since were open 7 days a week. If thats what i gotta do tho i can. But just wondering if i can map the order tag to a menu.

Yes the method i Described would require multiple products for the same thing. Like I said its more work to setup initially but it would work. Obviously it would be easy if we could map Order Tags to menu but right now we cant.

You would simply clone the products to create the different versions. You could even use a menu name for group code so your products are organized by menu.

An Alternative method is to use Portions and map the order tags to that specific portion.

Edit: But then again it would show all portions… so no that would not work.

If I create Product Groups based on Menus, can i have the same product names in different groups or do they need to be named differently for each product? Also would there be any issues you could thinking of with using the menu name as the product group vs. using a product group name of Sandwiches or anything like that?

Product Group can be whatever you want. In fact you dont even have to use it at all. Its there for organization and so you can define custom templates in your tickets using those groups.

They would need to be unique.

Doing the menu name as the product group would give me the mapping feature. I just am not sure if this will be an issue for me later on for some reason that I havent run into yet. Would be great if we could map order tags to menus!

There could be a more complex method by using configuration task to effectively map and un-map order tag groups based on time of day. This would mean you simply just create different Order Tag groups instead of messing with menu or Products. The config task will change the mapping for you.

That sounds like it may be a better solution since the order tags are side items they change more often then the menu items themselves. Like being able to add mapping and remove mapping to a order tag group based on the day.

Let me do some testing but its close to time for me to open the restaurant and today is going to be a long day so I may not get back to you until later.

Thats fine. Thanks for your help by the way talking about this is helping me think it through much better. Ill play around a bit as well and see if i can have a aaahaa moment and actually figure something out.

Looking at it we may need more information to manipulate mappings like that but I will look into it. I may ask @Emre for some advice. He can sometimes see alternatives that we may not have thought about.

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Well I haven’t been able to find a solution to this yet… But I’m determined! :slight_smile:

@Jesse Having anymore luck than I am with this?..

What would we need to do to ask @emre to add the ability to map a order tag to a menu?