Order tags with prefix / Filter not applying tag price

i have an order tags with prices, i categorised my tags into 4 prefix/filters as shown in image below. when select add prawns from toppings modifier, (after selecing seafood filter) it will not apply the tag price to the order. however, it seems to work fine, on toppings test, where no prefix filters used.

Need to use filters to fit all the tags. thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

any one came across this before, or is it a bug ? thanks

After reading… its designed that way… I will explain:

Many people use Prefix for NO modifiers for things like NO Pepperoni etc so it will ignore price.

So for your case you need to create an additional tag called Seafood: Add Prawns and define a price and set filter to Seafood:

You wont see two tags but it will allow price for Add Prawns.

Basically create a new order tag with <PREFIX NAME> OrderTagName for example your prefix is Seafood: so your new order tag would be named Seafood: Add Prawns

thanks @Jesse, that’s how i had it set up initially, but too many items and fell into real estate issue,and i tend to avoid having scroll bars on touch monitors.

in my case, i have No and Add e.g. “No Prawns” and “Add prawns” and surcharge only applies to Add tags.but end up with too many tags

and to use prefix as ( NO, ADD), I’m not able to apply price to add only

and can’t see any work around though automation

I think you misunderstood me. I gave you a solution to fix it and it will work exactly how you wanted.

Maybe I can illustrate it better. One second ill show a screenshot.

Hmm, will test that. my understanding was filters only work at prefix level :grin:

Create it like this:

It will only show a single Add Prawns even though you set a Seafood: filter on both.

Yes its more work in backend because you have to setup more order tags but it works quite well.


Works Now, Thanks again. But couldn’t get my head around the logic of duplicating tags