Order (+) & (-) Visability

@emre very trivial but do you think you might be able to adjust if not a big hassle.

I like to try and keep buttons in the same position and not have them jump around as states change so rely heavily on enabled state which works well.
However the Order (+) & (-) seem to be non visable when selecting a submitted and a new order. Could they just be disabled?

Submitted single qty order = disabled
Submitted multiple qty order = enabled
New single order = enabled
New multiple qty order = enabled

Selecting multiple order lines if all submitted or all new they are enabled but only increase/select the last selected order
Selecting multiple order lines if some submitted and some new they are not visible… if posible as could it either be just last selected item as with multiple order lines in same state or disable like with single qty submited order line

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That mean you have to deselect others if you want to +/- only one item. I think Emre mainly design for single touch point input. So, he make it easier to select multiple items to void/gift/move or whatever.

I understand the reasons for what happens when but it is nothing to do with single or multi touch, the +/- are disabled for single qty order line submitted orders and if you select multiple of same state they are enable but only act on last selected order line.
What im asking is if a mix of new/submitted order lines are selected that they either only act on last selected item as with multiple lines of same state or are disabled like selecting a single qty line rather than not being viable so that the order line position buttons dont jump up in this case.
The aim is familiarity with button positions to increase work flow speed through ‘mussel memory’ is you can call it that.

I didn’t talk about disable/enable or visibility. I was refer to why only +/- on the last one not multiple items.

I agree fixed position is better for flow speed. Most ppl will expect same buttons are in the same place.

That mean, I think it is likely possible that +/- just always visible, only disable. But +/- for all multiple select items maybe not possible.

But if I have to choose I would prefer +/- multiple items and deselect the one that I don’t want to +/-