Ordering Set up Question

I love this program, thanks!!
I am doing fairly well but have run into a roadblock
I need to set up in Beverages with several options.
I have three sizes of each type and eight types. What is the best way to do this?
I have beverages alone, or medium size comes with basket upgrade.
I have basket upgrade in under order tags. What is the best way to add beverage choice here?

Also am I setting up correctly if I touch button and item appears on the left.
I touch item on the left and order option buttons appear on the right?

Thanks you brilliant people!!
Paula Brown

Hello @paulabrown421,

The way I set my drinks up is I made the sizes as portions when I defined my products. Here is a screenshot of my Coke product:

You can define the menu items to Auto Select so modifiers come up when you add the item not when you click on it after it is added here is a screenshot showing this:

Finally what it looks like:

Here is an optional setting if you like this setup. I like my drinks to be quickly accessable because pretty much everyone buys a drink. So you can make a menu category a Fast Menu and it keeps it at the Top of the POS no matter what menu item category you may have selected.

Here is how mine looks with this enabled. Notice I am actually in the Breakfast Menu Category but Drinks are still at top.


Hope this information is useful for you!