{ORDERNUMBER} TAG doesn't work on V4

On V3 {ORDERNUMBER] TAG works fine but not on V4.
I set a constraint like this
IF : Menu Item Name = Coffee (coffee is an exemple)
-> Action = Increase +1 “ORDERNUMBER”

So on V3 when I add a coffee, ordernumber is “1”, when I add another coffee, ordernumber become “2” then “3”, “4” …
On V4, ordernumber don’t increase : it’s always “1”

Is there a solution?

Is it promotion sample? If you store it as a setting it should be {:ORDERNUMBER}

Thanks for your help,
Actually, I’ve followed your tutorial on forum about V2

But instead of “Ticket Created” event I have put “order added to ticket” event

On V3 it works but not on V4
Ordernumber is increase to each order added to the ticket on V3 but on V4 is still “1”
Have you an idea of the problem?

That part works exactly same with V3. Send a backup of your database to emre@sambapos.com so I can check that.

What should I do to send you a backup of the database?
Is there a tutorial or documentation?

I’ll see that on sunday.
In my case, I’ve both V3 and V4 installed.
When I use V3 it works but when I use V4 it doesn’t work.

Thanks for your help

I’ve solved my problem.
Actually, it seems to be a bug with database between V3 and V4 when we upgrade, because I’ve edited exactly the same action and rules and now it works.
I hope that could help someone.
Thanks for your help