Orders by people at one table

how you could do this:

  • number of people at a table.
  • order for each person at the table.

I would be very grateful

There is a few topic on this. Here is on of them

Or you can use Group Order Action. I can’t seem to find it now

thanks, I’m very grateful to you

Download … KitchenDisplayUpdate.zip could help me use this file,
I would like to test your upgrade

Again very grateful for your attention

Follow the tutorials instead. That is a very old database v4 file. It’s not recommended to install those. Look through forum and find tutorials you can follow instead. Tutorials will give you a better grasp on how Sambapos works.

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This tutorial shows how to track person count “by ticket”.

When it comes to tagging each order by person you can use “order states” to group items on printing or Update order Group action to display orders in groups on screen.

However I’ve implemented that for two venues but after few usage they started to assign all orders to person 1 as they really don’t have time to assign person for each order, processing voids, correcting mistakes, etc. Inputting 3 coke order for 5 people table becomes real pain. You have to select people and add coke orders one by one.

If you have an idea to operate it properly I’ll be glad to read.

Also that approach may be a better alternative.

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thanks for the replies but still not solve , you could help me?

a small example to solve the problem ?

many thanks for you emre

It is a great software

database v4 file It contains pre- configured examples ? to run on the SAMBAPOS ?

No it contains someone else’s database it will not be configured for you. It’s best not to use other people’s databases. You should study various tutorials to get idea of how Sambapos works then you can customize it for your own needs.

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I would do a different ticket for each person knowing that you could have multiple tickets in one table…
the problem would be knowing wich person gets what…

Samba has teh ability to open multiple tickets in one table from scratch, that means “no extra” configuration to do that, and as far as I can see, that would solve your problem.


@emre or @Jesse or @QMcKay, I could not make this work… for sure I am missing something… is there any toturial to look at?



Which one… the Order States?

sorry… should have cleared that…

update order group



Ah ok Update Order Group is a new addition I think it was developed while you were away. One minute I will get you some resources.


Grouping in Tickets

Use Update Order Group Action to group orders as needed.

Group Tag: the name of the group

Key: another group identifier. It is not displayed on screen. You can use it to have multiple groups with same name.

Format: {0} is a placeholder for Group Name. You can use format parameter to change size, color, font of the group bar.

Background Color: is the background color for the group bar so you may have multiple groups with different colors.

Group Printing

Notice there are two Menu 1’s printed separately because different Key parameters used in action.


PS: [ORDERS:GROUP TAG=*] is a special template section for orders that have a group tag.

<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}
<J10>Total:|{TICKET TOTAL}






yes I did all that but could not make them group in the ticket (screen)… I dont know why.

I think that I dont knwo where or when to execute the action…



Try Order Added event.

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I must be doing something very wrong, jajajajajjajajajaja
lets see

is there anything missing?



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Yes. You didn’t set a value for group.


You will need to add multiple actions and define different colors etc for each group.


I got it working!!!

Thanks guys!!!

i am happy… got this working and @emre added a new feature for me… yuhuuuuuuu


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