Orders discount

Is it possible to to block certain products in ticket from getting discount?
For example, if I typed beer, appetizer, main course
And I want to give the customer a 10% discount,But I do not want to make any discount for alcohol
Is it possible to mark alcohol products so they will not be affected by Ticket discounts?

Yes this has been covered using custom product tags. I can’t find the link atm though.

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Here is one method that was discussed (looks like using Order States), but I’m sure the same thing could be done using Custom Product Tags… this may be what @Jesse is thinking of.

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I think the main difference here is that you will need to manually calculate the discount amount based on individual order line totals for those lines that are not marked as being ineligible. You would add them all up, and calculate the 10% discount to apply to the Ticket as a Fixed amount rather than a percentage of Ticket Total.

That is it. It used product tags in Emre’s sample. He used a tag to flag discount as y or n