Orders sort, move button and follow row

it is possible to assign, via an automatic command button,
a product tag other than the default one, to a certain dish.?

Yes it would be, there is an update order tag action I’m sure.

I have one problem, when print doesn’t change the tag of dishe, print the default tag.

They dont match though, one shows antipasti and one shows antipasto?


Yes,On left picture are the screen pos, and set up antipasto is correct, when I print , print primi piatti.

The POS screen is showing an Order State, which I assume is set via the Product Tag in a Rule.

Since the State does not match the Template Product Tag then it won’t know how to group it.

Show your Product Tag setup for your Products, using the Batch Tag editor.



And this is action


So your Product “Tagliatelle Funghi” has Custom Product Tag named “Cucina” set to “Primi”.

Show the Rule that sets the Order State based on the Product Tag.

and action

Looks good.

The question is: how in the world did that Order get the State of “ANTIPASTI” when the Product Tag is clearly set to “Primi” ???

Is there some other Rule that lets you set or change the State manually?

Even so, even if the State gets updated, the Product Tag will not be updated. And your Template is filtering via PRODUCT TAG.

Maybe you should set your Template to filter by ORDER STATE …

[ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:Cucina:Antipasti,Primi,Secondo]
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[ORDERS GROUP|ORDER STATE:Cucina:Antipasti,Primi,Secondo]

Order state is correct. Product tag not. Many thanks @QMcKay

Hi JTRTech, I don’t have the “Generic Add” order and “Cancel Last Order Action”
How could I add it ?
Following your summaryI can select the course but I can not change it for products, maybe the problem is that I’m missing this tow actions…

Thank you

That would just be the name of the action, create an action and name it want you want and select the action type.

What type of action?

I mean, in this part

I miss this two actions.
I can add but what type of action should I select and what parameters?

Sorry but I may be missing somenting

Thanks a lot

Funally enough Generic Update Order State action is an Update Order State action and Cancel Last Order is a Cancel Orders action LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

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May I’m missing some parameters here:

The action I’m missing is “Generic add order”


It doesnt matter what names you use… (So long as it doesnt match rule value expressions - so use spaces). Al your doing is labeling the field for when its carried into the action instance in the rules…

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OK, thank you so much. Now the assignment works fine, the last issue is related with the grouping into to the ticket screen.

Each product should group by tag but is not. As I sow into your demo.
How I can do it?

Thanks again

So show your automation… cant read minds :stuck_out_tongue:

My setup is a two step process which is what also forms the overide function.
Tag -> State

State Updated triggers setting group;

The add and cancel order triggers the refresh of the displayed grouping when overiding a course.

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