Overall report showing same amount multiple times

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As you can see below I created an overall report which shows item, tax, mode of payment and all. As of now while I tried to create an report filtering ticket number with the product
for eg: As you can see that ticket number 160 occurs 4 times which totally depends on the different orders that I had placed. But the real issue is for each row as you can see I have cash payment of 1932 and also 5% GST have 92 on each row. so when it comes to taking total of these columns the total changes or gets doubled.

So I really need to clear this calculation error.

Is it really possible to divide the 5% GST and mode of payment by number of rows occurring on the specific ticket number ?

Or is there any other solution

The fields you highlighted are ticket related fields. Ticket number, Ticket Tax (5% GST & 12% GST) & Ticket payment amount.

When designing reports, remember Orders, Tickets, Payments & Entities are separate information.

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Is there any way by which I could make it right

like by dividing these ticket related fields with number of rows occuring to make the calculation easier

Is there any other way by which I could clear this issue

When designing reports it helps to know what you want to accomplish. That way you can get to the information you need much quicker. An example would be if your interested in just knowing how many items you sold, you would create a Orders report. If you want to know total money sales for a day(s) you would use a Ticket report.

However, the report you have could be use as a Pivot Table report. To make your report into a just add an ! to the first line, inside the first square bracket. Like this:
Then save the report. Exit out of the report designer go to Main Menu->Reports->View the report you just made. Then you can drag fields to where you would like display information (you will have to play around with a little to understand what is happening. When you get it looking the way you want, you will have to right click in the body of the report and select “Save Changes” on the dialog. Then every time you open the report that will be the default view. If you need to start over with the report, exit out of the reports module and go back into it (before saving). The report will revert back to the default view or your last save point.

I think some clown on the forum has a quick view of what you can do with Pivot Table reports.

Let me see if I can find the post…

Ahh, here it is:

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Opps, sorry some column heading are going to need characters. No time now, later today, I will post.

Are you exporting the report? In which case, the pivot table will not work for you. It will only work within Samba.

If you want to create a Pivot Table report, here is the KB article describing how to create a pivot table in more detail:

Some of your column labels will need to have [C], [N] or [D] example:

Again, this is for pivot tables in Samba.

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Yes I did export these reports for further process. Will this pivot table solve these calculation issue as well?

I guess I am not sure exactly what information you are trying to get from the report. The few things I see are:

In your report you have the 2 Ticket Tax added to itself. I am going to guess it should be TX.2.5% COST & TX.6 % COST.

You are also using O.TotalPrice.sum, maybe try removing the .sum.