Pass date and entity to Tickets module as navigate parameter

I am trying to keep my system as close to vanilla SambaPOS as possible. I know @QMcKay has crated a tutorial on customer purchase history, but you can find similar information through the default “Tickets” module.

I would like to be able to use the “Navigate Module” action to bring up the tickets module and pre select a particular date range and fitler by a specific customer. I can’t work out how to do this using the “paramater” value of the Navigate Module action.

Are the particular paramenter that we can use explained in any documention anywhere?

I saw in :v: V5 Feature Compilation, @emre siad:
New Action: Navigate Module

Other than POS Module this action will switch to a sub screen that defined under Parameter setting.

Warehouses > Warehouse Name
Tickets > Filter Name
Reports > Report Name
Entity > Screen Name
Accounts > Screen Name 

I don’t understand what “Filter Name” means in this context, how can I create a filter name and apply it using the Navigate Module action?

It is referring to the dropdown list outlined in Yellow.

If we could also provide the second part of the Filter (outlined in Orange) we could automatically filter it on Customer Name which would be good …

Valid values can be seen in the Automation Command as well:

This has a Navigate Module Action and “filter” is the Parameter field for that Action:

I tried using the following to filter by Customer Name:


But neither of them work. However, when the Ticket Explorer is displayed, it is filtered by Customer Tickets, and if you fill in that Orange field and click Refresh, it will show only a single Customer …

Thanks QMcKay

So it seems that although something can be passed in, not all the option on the tickets screen can be configured.

In an ideal world, I’d like to pass in a date range, the yellow “Customer” and orange “Customer Name”

Hopefully @emre can explain how this can happen?