Password Integrity

Hello all,

I am having a problem with the integrity of password entry in Samba.

As you type in the user password its open to any one to see. Can’t it be masked?

I have a client using dual screen as a customer display, and right now as the cashier types in her password the customer can actually see it.

What am I missing?

Which version are you using?

The Login screen keeps the password masked with asterisks.

Are you talking about the keypad presses and the way they light up when you touch/click the numbers? If so, use a physical keyboard to enter the password.

Yes I am talking of the way they light up

We are on V4.

Is there a way to stop them from lighting up?

And is there a way to use user name and password combination?

Thank you for the response

Users login with just the pin.
You could look to use usb keyboard, MSR card reader, barcode reader or RFID reader.

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Don’t do this. You should not be mirroring the POS on another monitor for the customer to see.

Instead, implement a Customer Display …

In the upcoming V5, the implementation for Customer Display is even easier and simpler.

Thanks JRtech, will look into the options suggested

Much obliged

Those are not passwords they are not meant for security it’s just PIN numbers. If security is a concern you should look into configuring SambaPOS for it. There are many options including constraints for just about everything.

Hello Kendash

Thanks for chipping in

Am not very good at programing/sql

Is there a way you can point me in the right direction?

I’m not talking about programming or SQL I’m talking about configuring SambaPOS. Look through the tutorials category and practice some even the ones you may not use it will get you aquatinted.

Thank you Kendash

Is there any particular tutorial on security?

If you are not happy with the default login screen the alternative is using entities as users.
This is quite likely what kendash is referring to as his setup only uses a couple of users with the new v5 menu screen staff then login using custom setup - believe he uses ask question prompts for login code entry.
Not sure if this is doable in v4 but can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be.
Personally I use the RFIDs as I said which would ‘hide’ the pin entry and is very quick. Plus additional hardware is fairly low cost.
Depending on your environment barcode may be easier option if you already use barcodes for product adding or if your tills aleady have MSR reader just take advantage of those.

I think its the new Nav Screen options in V5 which is why it wont work in V4, i think he uses a custom nav screen for staff to login and go back when they log out which you can do in V4

My method is just one of probably hundreds. I wasn’t specifically talking about mine.

Thanks guys, I have the same issue, @JTRTech, if it is doable in v4, please enlighten me on how to make use of entities as users…

Use search please… There are lots of information information about user entities. It is impossible to prepare specific tutorials for every possible SambaPOS configurations but you can read related tutorials, understand how to customize SambaPOS and implement your own solution.