Pay Ticket Action Being Ignored

I am running into an unusual situation and I was hoping somebody might have some guidance.

Issue: I have a rule set to fire when an automation command is used. The rule applies a payment (Samba Member Card) with the value passed as command value. It then closes the ticket. This works as expected if I place an automation button on the settle screen and click it however does not work when I fire it via another rule outside the settle screen.

My goal: Have another rule (it’s an external trigger) fire the automation command and subsequently apply the customer balance to the ticket. On the POS screen the ticket is visible at the settle screen when this needs to occur.

I know the rule still fires because if I use the external trigger the popup message I placed does fire but the actual payment is never applied and the ticket is not closed. Is this a known issue?

If you use hub broadcast message to execute it, it won’t work.

Hah, Sukasem – that was initially how I handled it, but I suspected something similar so instead I made a quick change to how I fire it. I have my external script send a broadcast message to SambaPOS and then I made a rule for “Message Recieved”. The rule which recieves the message then fires an automation command which then fires a rule containing the command.

Any ideas why this can’t work? I need a way to apply a payment from the Sambacard balance programatically without a button on POS.

It could work if you use load ticket before pay ticket.
Imagine Samba doesn’t know which ticket to apply payment because the ticket is not really at the terminal that your rule/ action took place.

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