Payment Button Selection Constraint

How can detect which payment button is pressed so i can use it to write a custom constraint.

e.g. If cash button is pressed i would like certain action. If card button is pressed i would like a different action.

I have written following but it does not work.

Can you help me with the correct syntax.

Check Payment Processed event.

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Thanks for the reply. I have checked Payment Processed event and can tell the difference between payment types.

However I would like to display the amount entered for that payment type.

e.g. If i have £40 order. The customer pays £20 card and Hands is £50 Cash. If should display :

Paid Amount Card: £20
Paid Amount Cash: £50
Change Due: £30

At the moment it displays:

Card: £20
Cash: £20

even tough i selected £50 this is not displayed and replaced with £20. I would like to read the value entered for each payment type.

What do you have in your action? You should have a {TENDERED} tag somewhere that will display the £50 tendered instead of the amount paid

It works in my setup so it’s just a case of finding the right tag in the action

Payment processed rule has all required parameters. I don’t understand what it replaces.

I assume he doesn’t have tendered amount selected or if using fast cash button that isn’t setup correctly?