Payment Info on Ticket Screen

Is there a way we can show payment state on ticket screen including a way to filter payment type?

currently when searching through tickets, the only way to view how a ticket has been paid is by displaying the ticket then going to settle screen, then we can view whether a payment was made by either cash or card.

it would be easier and quicker to view that info either right on ticket screen after we highlight a ticket, or as a column on ticket screen or on the order screen after displaying the ticket

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hi @Shivan follow this discussion here Ticket Tags - Tendered, Change, Payment Type, CCinfo

and Payment type to request for transaction code

Thanks for that. I have used those methods to create ticket tag to show payment info. That has helped a but but I just wanted to know if there was other ways we can use to show that info in ticket screen.

maybe a way to auto add ticket note with payment info which then can be seen and filtered on tickets screen.

This is something I am trying to do at the moment.
I have payment info added to ticket note at payment processed. While it works ok i sometimes have to delete them to add special instructions on receipt.

It would be nice if the tickets screen had an option for a payments column.

Filter does not work but the search works for me. Again if it was built in filters would be useful.

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Well since in my case they done use ticket notes for instructions, we could possibly use that for ticket screen… how abouts did you set it up.

You could actually use multi methods toof add notes to orders other than ticket notes too. Like the use of order tags for notes on the go or ticket tags and have ticket notes solely for the feather of payment info.