Payment integration SDK

The major bank most use here has an integration program with a pre-made app that runs client-side.

Is there SambaPOS documentation available to build an integration module/library to interface between the two?

Payment integrations are not as simple as you would think. There is a lot of negotiation that goes on to be sure all parties get their fair share of the business.

We would need to start negotiations with the bank first.

I understand that from a reseller’s point of view. However, this is through the bank and only for those with existing merchant accounts. One cannot resell merchant services. Hell, only bank-owned ATMs are allowed.

I’m just trying to get a feel for what’s coming up from a code standpoint - e.g. do I need a C# developer, etc.

I do not mean from a reseller point of view. I mean between SambaPOS and the bank. IF you can give some information to Tayfun about the bank maybe we can look into it.

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I’ll have a look at the info when I get it and go from there. Thanks.

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