Payment methodes and money back

On the Payment Screen, touch numbers 5,0,0 then click Cash.
Change Due of 200 should be displayed.

SambaPOS does not currently interface with Credit Card Terminals, so you cannot transfer funds in this manner.

QMcKay Sorry to say but no that dont work.
If I do that the Total amount gos directly on cash

Something is wrong. Did you setup a custom payment type? If so can you show the setup?

I am not quiet sure wich screen, but here you have some.

Hope you can see something out of these screens?

Anywone that have an ideer why I cant get SambaPOS to tell me how many money the customer have to get in return.

think you need to setup a rule, ive got a payment processed rule that activates and displays the change on screen. let me upload a screen shot to see if its what your looking for


i dont use this next set up as i auto log out after every sale so i wouldnt see this but this is another way where you can display the change by using the shell feature and some actions and rules (think you need to download this add on from samba market)

See this link for more info Update Application Subtitle with LAST SALE

It works out of box. It looks like he changed payment types and probably setup actions to handle payment. Show everything you did with payment types even the actions etc

@funhall, did you define a currency? You shouldn’t need to.

Also, show some screenshots of:
Manage > Tickets > Payment Types
Manage > Tickets > Change Payment Types

As @Jesse mentions, this basic functionality works as expected with a regular installation, so there must be something you have done to break it.

Yey I am aware of that. And I think so also. But I can’t find the error.

Payment processors are ampty and mappings are default.
I really hope you can se what I have been don wrong…

Do you have Change Payment Type(s)?

No how should the look like?

I dont have change transaction in account Transaction type

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Now we got closer. But have this screen now

Receipt is printet and can not read the amount if it writes one

I see that Change Total is displayed twice, but it should only be displayed once. Obviously still something wrong. How did you define your Change Payment Type(s)?

This should work to print Change in the Ticket Template, but it will only show if the value is not ZERO (0). The outermost [squarebrackets] are responsible for hiding this line when value is zero.

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But why dont it write a reciept at all???
Should it not do that?
And how do I change the size on the big red field with Change Due?

Receipt printing is driven by Actions and Rules, and again, the default installation should print a receipt when the Ticket is Settled. So you must have altered something along the way that broke this functionality.

The size of the big red field cannot be changed.

I am not sure but it seems to me like he changed Payment Types and is using an action somewhere to trigger the actual transaction… It might be doing it twice if this is the case. Payment Types do not need Pay Actions to function.

For us to really help you better you need to link your entire setup with all the changes you made for payment types. This includes if you made any actions and rules that deal with Payment Processed.

Notice his Payment total is equal to tendered amount… Payment Total should be equal to Grand Total not Tendered amount… that should give a clue as what is wrong. You took Currency types out of your Transaction Types etc? If you have a currency defined then get rid of it and take all currency references out of your Transaction Types etc.

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I’ve checked from source code and upper change total (5.00) means Change Payment Type configured. Removing it will probably solve the issue.