Payment Processor - Add Limit - Support for Printer Template Tags?

I tried to add a Payment Processor [Add Limit] to attempt to set the upper limit to an account balance, but when I save this, the Max amount field gets blanked out…

Can you add support for this, or is there another way that I should be trying to gather this value (such as [:EntityBalance])?

Hmm… in v4.1.37 this would get blanked out, but in v4.1.38, the Max amount field is retained, however…

When I try to Settle, I keep getting the message “Can’t Settle with Gift Certificate”, even though the Account Balance is higher that the Ticket Total owing. Maybe I don’t understand how this function is supposed to work?

That part only supports printer template tags, not expressions. It might be possible by reading a pre-calculated value by using {SETTING:X} tag. I can’t think at what time we should calculate it but if it will be hard to implement I can check possibilities to implement expression support there.

Thanks @emre, it’s not urgent or even that important.

I was just experimenting, and thought I might be able to use the Processor to Limit Payment Amount so that an Account does not become overdrawn.

fyi I’ve just added expression support for next version. Was not hard as I’ve thought :slight_smile: