Payment screen and Printing problem

Hi all
My problem is Cash, Credit Card, Voucher button is grayed when I settled an Ticket and printing bill is like this
Can anyone help me please

Not sure exactly what your referring to but cant imagine that a thousand separator and delimiter both being full stop cant be right…
And looking at it might be your issue as the only price printed is the 900.00 whihc is the only one without a second point in the number…


Thank you very much for your fast response it is corrrect I put full stop for both
So it works fine now
Thanks a lot again

Please elaborate for the community if someone ends up in situation?
Are you saying you changed the thousands separator and that solved?

Additionally if this was the problem emre might want to add some form of constraint to prevent user entering the same values.

Yes I change the decimal separator and that solved my problem.
Thank you, sir

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@emre has this been addressed in v5 already?
If not maybe a parameter to stop same symbol for thousand and point delimiter would be good to add?