Payment Sense Dojo integration error


Do we need to do any additional action to install or activate the Dojo integration license in UK?

I have followed 6.14. PaymentSense Dojo Integration – SambaPOS Knowledgebase to setup the Dojo card machine integration with Sambapos 5.5.0.
The Payment Sense license has been bought with the same email as SambaPOS 5 license.

Once I press the “Card” button inside Settle, I got the following pop up to check PaymentSense license?
payment sense error

Any suggestions are welcome?

First step is to update to latest Sambapos 5.5.4 the second step is if you already added the license to Sambapos via your cp account then run License.exe again so it pulls the new license.

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for the prompt support.

The restaurant closes in 2 hours time. I shall follow your advice after that and report back here.


We got it working after running license.exe.

Thank you.

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