Payment Sense Integration DLL file issue

Hi all,

I have followed the instructions here:

However after UNBLOCKING Samba.Payment.Controller.DLL file, SambaPOS no longer starts?

  1. Make sure you are using latest SambaPOS v5.3.0
  2. Copy the Samba.Modules.PaymentControllers.dll file from the \PaymentController folder to the main SambaPOS program folder (i.e. default is C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS5). This is a later version of the DLL, the one that can be downloaded from the KB is outdated and does not work with the latest version of SambaPOS.

@VehbiEmiroglu can we fix the link on the KB to download the latest DLL instead?




Yes DLL should be updated if that’s the case.

Will experiment tomorrow.

Thanks again.

Of course we are changing KB document