Payment type to request for transaction code

Hello, First i would like to really thank the developers of SambaPOS for the amazing product. Been playing around with it and the scalability and functionality is just mind blowing.

Now my issue is this. I have a payment type called MPESA which is a money transfer service offered by the network service provider. After every transaction, the client (and myself), receives a Transaction confirmation message with a transaction ID. I would like that when i use the MPESA payment method, a popup appears requesting me to enter the transaction ID.

So far i have been able to set up the MPESA payment type and it is working correct. I just need to factor in the request for transaction ID in a popup or something similar.

Thank you for your assistance.

You can use update order tag action to ask id and store it.for example you can set action to update ID Tag when payment processed and use [?please enter Id] for tag value. Of course you can also put {ticket tag:id} in the printer templet for this payment type. I’ll upload some screen shot soon.

Thank you for prompt reply. Let me see if i can figure out how to do that.

I will really appreciate the screen shots. Thank you

I will upload when I have some time :frowning:

Are you simply wanting to store the Transaction ID or do you want to use it to interact in some form?

To get the full transaction details added to the ticket as ticket tags, and to print on the receipt follow this tutorial, then see my additional steps to add the authorisation code

Add Authorisation Code

  1. Create the following action

  2. Add the action to the your credit card tender rule, i have two rules, one for exact payment and one for variable amount in case customer pays part card, part cash, or on multiple cards. So i have added the action to both of these rules as below (depending on your setup you may only have one of these rules)

This will now prompt you to type the authorisation number when processing a card payment as shown below:

Before processing a sale you need to add this ticket tag to your receipt templates so that it will print on the receipts

  • Main Menu
  • Manage
  • Settings
  • Printer Templates
  • Edit all relevant templates to show the tag as shown below

Flow 1 - Exact Card Payment
Item added and press blue card button

Enter Card Digits and Authorisation Number

Then Select card type

Now check your ticket log from the main menu for that transaction

Your receipt should print showing all the card details as below

Flow 2 - Variable Amount Card Payment
Same flow as above, the only difference is the action where you enter the card details and auth number, there is now also a field to enter the tender amount for the variable card payment

hope that helps

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Thank you all for your assistance. @RickH i followed you tutorials and got it to work. Thank you a bunch.

I think i would want to do both because i need to store the ID and then later compare them to Transaction IDs sent by the network provider when doing accounting. I have not yet found a way to do the latter (still comparing manually but an automated method is preferred) but if you can point me in some direction i will be most appreciative.