Payments Integration For Card Machines

Hi All

I just saw this video:

and I’m very happy to see that Samba can integrate card payments like this!

I would like to know if there is a tutorial for this somewhere and whether it works on v.5.1.62?


Ah what nice find! :clap:
So interesting it seems the keyboard pop-up was not SambaPOS from the looks of it? Anyway would love to hear other comments or information this video, thanks @KuriGohan_And_Kameha

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This should keep some people happy.
@pauln did you ever speak to payment express.
They are AU based and thats the company I got a terminal from.
Although this has a solution as you point out it is interfacing with there app which is understandable but a shame its not a complete in samba solution.
The payment express machine I had used a localhost socket for comunication which in theory would have meant your could stay within samba and use scrips etc to interact with the machine.

No been so busy with Company stuff just out of control! We been rolling out SambaPOS here to our venues about 1 every 2 weeks and have a waiting list :tired_face:

With these integrations it all about the service fees charged by the likes of Payment Express, Tyro (seen here on the forum) and Pay Pal etc. PE is probably too high for my liking but has good integration hooks as you demonstrated. I will put forward my links on the business site to see if I can politely ask (or pay) for @emre and his team to do the integration like the video above.

Just so short of time…

I didn’t get as far as looking at payment express fees.
We use them so the processor for our website bookings and it’s a flat £24inc vat a month but think that’s because that is charged including say first 500 transactions and online booking engine doesn’t receive more than the minimum charge in transactions.