PaymentSense Intergration

So, got a new ingenico terminal on the way and downloaded the software to communicate with the terminal
(from here: )

However I am unable to see where to activate the integration licence which is mentioned in the tutorial linked above.
(4. Add SambaPOS PaymentSense Integration license to your license account from License is FREE.)

Doe anyone have any idea how i can activate the licence?

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In the tutorial near the end it says to enter license email. That’s when configuring it. So if you have the license on your cp then it will activate after you finish configuration.

That’s the problem can’t see the licence on my CP just my v5 licence

Did you buy the license? Might need a reseller to sell you it. It’s free but they may need to assign it.

Yes bought from @JTRTech will send him a message.

this payment can be use in Singapore Bank cards ?

No paymentsense is only for UK

Payment Sense license is free, you can purchase it from CP @KryptonFactor