Paymentsense License not found

“license not found, please contact with your reseller”

Hi, i am getting the above message when trying to configure paymentsense on my till.

I checked on the CP and there is a payment sense integration license valid.

My email address is

Any help is appreciated.

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Same account as you v5 licence right?

Yes correct both v5license and payment sense license on same account

Try resetting the licenses?

Yes tried that, no luck

Please control your SambaPOS licencing ? Is that still correct ?

I have now licenced sambapos to the machine i will be installing paymentsense, however i am still getting the same error when i try licensing the paymentsense gateway

Any ideas @VehbiEmiroglu

You are an old user. So you are still using username not an email in entering CP. Is this correct ?

Yes i enter with username @VehbiEmiroglu

can you give me a AnyDesk ID via PM, want to connect and see the situation.

Has anybody able to integrate Paymentsense pay at table.
I have issue with connecting PDQ machine with sambapos. I am using Paymentsense PAT gateway v1.0.2

I have tried it but not in production environment.
There is a big update due out soon, pac first then pat.

Ive installed the latest gateway however asking me for an admin pin to enter settings. I tried samba admin pin and every other pin etc but no luck.

Any ideas?

You should wait for update. It’s much more improved

This specific customer is doing my head in as we promised him.

Is there not anyway around the pin atleast for now?

No, but any Admin PIN from SambaPOS will work.

If it is not working, you did not setup properly.

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