Per Item Tax Profiles

Is there a way that I can set up individual tax templates for products. I manage a cafe for a university in Wisconsin, USA; and have an odd tax set up as we are a non profit. For some premade products we charge sales tax, but for coffee products etc. we don’t. How can I set that up?

Tax Templates can be mapped to Product Groups and/or specific Products.

In my shop, I have non-tax, 15% tax (T1), and 18% tax (T2). So I have 2 Tax Templates: T1 and T2. The applicable Products or Product Groups are mapped within each template. Non-taxed Products are not mapped in either of the templates, so no tax is calculated - that is to say, there is no need to create a Template for 0% Tax.

Awesome. Now, how does mapping work? I can write css… which is remarkably unhelpful…

Nevermind! I GOT THIS!