Picking list- Print Out Recipes for that kit


Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I need to build a printable picking list which will show the item sold and the inventory items which are required to build the kit.

This will allow the staff to tick off the items from the shelf ensuring nothing is missed in the process.

I cant seem to find any print tags or any forum questions relating to this issue without using SQL queries directly.

thank you

Do you mean like combine the Items Sales and the Inventory reports? Or could you give a mock graph of what you mean


I would like to have it where if I print a parts picking list, it will show me the product and then below it there will be a breakdown with quatity of the recipe.

For Example.

If I order a 1x Computer dual screen and the recipe being: 1x CPU, 2x RAM, 1x SSD, 1x Case, 1x PSU .

I then want to print a parts list so what will show on the print out will be

Computer Dual Screen (1)

  • 1x CPU,
  • 2x RAM,
  • 1x SSD
  • 1x Case
  • 1x PSU.

This will then allow the picker to tick of the item as they get the parts prepared for the order.

Use order tags for the parts.

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Hi Jesse,

I have put a concept together as a test for this, it seems to work if the quanity of the item is 1.

I need it to update the order tag quantity at the same time as I add more of the same product in.

So if someone wanted 2 PCs I would need it to show in the order tags

  • 2x CPU,
  • 4x RAM,
  • 2x SSD
  • 2x Case
  • 2x PSU.

How would I make this auto update the quantity for order tags each time?

thanks this looks like a brill solution if the last little bit gets sorted :slight_smile:

If anyone is following this post.

I am still going to be using recipes to reduce the inventory amount, but for the parts picking you will need to create order tag templates for them recipes.

To create order tags and for them to add automatically then follow this guide. 2.3.8.e. How to Add Product Order Tags Automatically? – SambaPOS Knowledgebase