Pizza Shop setup


I have been through the forum but i can’t find my answer. We have a situation as follows:

CAPRICCIOSA Tomato, Cheese, Ham, Mushrooms, Olives, Anchovies
AMERICANA Tomato, Cheese, Ham, Hot Salami, Onions
MARGHERITA Tomato, Cheese, Oregano
NED KELLY Tomato, Cheese, Ham, Beef, Onions
EXTRA CHEESE & PRAWNS : Small 70 Large $1.00 Family $2.00
EXTRAS : Small 70 Large $1.00 Family $1.50
■ We don’t swap toppings
• We don’t half small pizzas
All halved pizzas extra $1.00

So the situation is, not only we have 3 pizza sizes but we also have different topping prices for different sizes. So i’m not sure hot to set this up.

And the second situation is half/half pizzas where we charge $1 extra for that.
So i have tried setting up order tags and tried filters but the displayed order tags don’t display as you order the pizza, it changes the sorting.

Can anyone help?

Can you show some screenshots? You said you dont swap toppings…but you allow extra’s so how did you set this up? your pizza sizes are they setup as portions? You can adjust Topping Prices based on portion size…

Sorting on the tag selection screen or in the order screen?

Thanks Kendash,

I don’t have any screen shots setup yet. But what that means by we don’t swap toppings, if a customer orders a large capricosa minus ham plus salami he will be charged the full amount of the capricosa plus an extra L topping price which is 70c.

I haven’t set it up yet because i don’t really know how to go about it.

The sorting of the order tags in the order screen gets messed up. Say i create 1st half and 2nd half prefix, in the order screen i select the 1st half then select the type of the pizza added and removed toppings then select the 2nd half prefix then select the second half pizza and add some toppings. The order screen puts the two prefixes together then the toppings under them.

So you do allow swapping of toppings you just charge fixed price + Price of extra toppings.

yes that is right.

Does that make it easier or harder?

Neither I just needed that clarification it impacts the setup. I am going to give you some links to various setups. Yours is not uncommon and has been done numerous times. It will be a few minutes though because I am working on something else for someone atm.

ok thanks for that i’ll await your response.

There are a lot more Just type Pizza in the search box upper right and read anything that comes up. The second one i listed has several setups demonstrated in it. They may not be exactly what you want but they should give you a good idea of how to set yours up.

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