Popup Order Tags

reading through eddhasaj post regarding his problem has made me work out that in fact… you don’t have to have a tag screen… that’ll tidy up the POS flow… imagine never having to press CLOSE after hitting all the order tags! Oh My!

@emre I love your Ask Question action, just saying.

will add tutorial if time works


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I already suggest Ask Question for order tags to prevent user error but he said too complicate.

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different subject… Im on about what I’m going to do

example, i click Carlsberg and popup say ‘Pint’ or ‘Half’

this is gonna save time on the bar… we have carnival tomorrow and I’ve ordered in 3x as much stock… if I can get this implemented its going to save so much more time combined

Well, for easier to get order tag popup. We need Order Tag Buttons like Portion Buttons.
Or GQL magic!

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didn’t think of that

So it can be achieved using tags but not portions.

The only way to achieve pint and half in my scenario is to create a tag for them… luckily they’re the same price.

Be good if we can get a portion action to help this scenario

cant get this action to work… question time

Ask Question does does work for Portions - there is a Tag for {PORTION BUTTONS} - I think this is what @sukasem was referring to:

GQL is great! :wink:

There is also a Tag called {ORDER TAG JSON} which may help?

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this is V4… how the fudge have i never seen this???

time to get on it

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Lmao oh god, you guys just reminded me of that, thats all i needed another feature to bother emre about haha. I never gave up on universal modifiers popup screen. Some clients still request that for ease of access to any out of the ordinary modifier. Right now they just type it in free tags so its not a big deal but would definitely utilize it if available.

What makes it really hard for me to do this is the fact that sorting needs to be exactly how I want it. So whenever any of these order tags are applied they need to show up under that order tag that it was pressed after. Every other regular order tag group needs to be sorted based on order tag sorting in settings.

What I had recommended was maybe a button next to free order tags that basically lets us save free/universal order tags but out of the way of every other order tag.