Portion Pricing Labels not displaying for Price Definitions

Hey @emre

It seems when you change Price Definitions using the [:Price Tag] in ACTION:Update Order you loose the Portion Pricing on all Levels except Default “Price”.

Minor but I know the Users will query…

Oh I should say the expected functionality would be to show the Price Definition used i.e. MIDDY would show the Happy Hour Price but other Portions would show the Default Price “Price” in price definitions if “Happy Hour” was BLANK.

That will obey the Portion setting of the action so it will be a good idea to set both.

Ok so you mean I should use a value for the RED arrow below?

@emre, those values are used POST the Top Screen (Portion Selection) OR are you saying the portion used is saved in the database, so it can be reflected on subsequent Portion Selection screens?

Yes but it is funny to see we don’t have a method to read actual portion name… hmm. I’ll add {PORTION NAME} tag for next update.


Yes - I must admit I would be stuffed without Portions? I guess over the years Users have just been creating Menu Buttons for Portions or using Ticket Tags.

Portion use is the purist implementation - IMO.

I feel like I’m not fully understanding the issue. It will be awesome if you can show me what it should expected to do and what it does instead.

Ok will drop some images shortly.
Here is what should be happening @emre ?

Last price used for Cascade.MIDDY (Portion) was Happy Hour Price Definition so if there is any price definitions in that block Happy Hour Prices should be shown as default. HOWEVER: The Tricky bit is if say Portion = JUG had no Happy Hour Price then it should revert to $14.00.

Does that make sense?

Umm I guess this should be extended to the Change Price List: ACTION as well? I have not tested that as yet but would assume if you change a Price List for a Department to say “Functions” then you expect every PORTION Price to show the price of Functions.

Emre by the way I love the idea of changing a Department to use a Price Definition (until changed back)! It occurs all the time in Australia as Venues decide to host Functions such as Weddings/Anniversaries/Parties etc.

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What price it displays when you remove HH price for JUG and select that portion?

It should show “Price” or the default price set up for the Portion i.e. $14.00 for Cascade Jug.

Also I just tested passing [:Portion Name] but it does not bring up the Pricing used on subsequent Portion Selections - they come up BLANK.

lol @pauln I understand (agree) it SHOULD show 14. I’m asking what it actually shows for you so I can have an idea about the issue.

Oh it comes up BLANK - but let me check.
Yes all buttons show NO PRICE if I have use a Price other than “Price” (default portion pricing).

Sorry @emre IF A PICK SCHOONER as the Product, AND it has no Happy Hour Pricing it uses the Default Pricing. Therefore all Default Prices are shown. So now I am confused :confused:

I mean Price Labels.

OMG do you mean price labels or it updates order’s price as blank?

Ok I drop a few more Images.

I have selected Cascade.SCHOONER as Product and Portion and USED ACTION: Update Order Prices to “Happy Hour”. As there was no Happy Hour Price it used the Default Price “Price” - this is Good!.

HOWEVER - I used Cascade.MIDDY as the Product and Portion and USED ACTION: Update Order Prices to “Happy Hour” . It used the correct Price for the ORDER LINE but when I go to change Portions I get no Prices?

@emre is that clearer?

Here is the Price Structures:

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OK. That is what I was expected to see as first post. Expected <> Actual explains fine… I’ll check that.

Ok thanks @emre BUT just to let you know I am now passing Portion Name and the result is still the same = BLANK Pricing.

@pauln I read your first post as “it does not update portion prices (of order) when you use update order action.” Ignore that answer. “Portion Pricing Lost” topic is a little misleading.

You simply ask to see price labels on portion buttons when a price tag assigned to order.

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Yes I will change the topic, apologies for that, I am covering so much ground I guess going too fast :slight_smile:
@emre topic changed, thanks.

We have {PORTION} and {PORTION:X} (and {PORTION BUTTONS}) … why do we need {PORTION NAME} ?

@QMcKay these intended to print portion names so omits NORMAL portion. {PORTION NAME} will just return whatever portion assigned to order.


Ok, I see. I always used the following when I really need it, but with new Tag it won’t be necessary.

[=('{PORTION}' == '' ? 'Normal' : '{PORTION}')]