POS Button go direct to Entity Screen

In regards to my “spotify” integration with Samba.

I currently have it set up so that you click “Select Customer” and then click the"music" tab to get to the entity screen, but would like just the 1 button on the POS to go straight to the entity screen… cant seem to work it out…

Any ideas please?


I have everything set up just cant work out the action?


Navigate Module? Entity, not sure for parameter?

without navigation, preferably straight from the POS screen as Staff won’t have access to the navigation screen only the POS.

I have my Gift Certificate set up the same, but to show the certificates… but I’m damned if I can see how the “Select Gift Certificate” Automation Command… to copy from


edit: I see the navigate module in actions, never seen hat. Not sure how it works though?

Does the navigate action not work from POS command?

unsure what you mean here? I see the navigate Module, but it shows the prebuilt modules?

Am I able to make my own?


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Ooh, sorry I just didn’t see that did I lol.

In parameter put the entity screen name?



Dont know but something along those lines I suspect.

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OK, unfortunately I was rubbish at noticing the “Navigation Settings” section.

Navigation Module: Entity

Navigation Module Parameter: Music <-- I was able to choose this from a dropdown

Mappings: *


Nothing happens… rebooted the software, still no worky worky Is there a setting I’m not getting right?


The settings in “Navigation” are only valid for Tiles on the Nav Screen.

For Automation Commands in other areas, you need to use the Navigate Module Action and have a Rule to handle the click of the button …

… P.S. the Parameter for the Action in this case is the Entity Screen Name. For other Modules, the Parameter is different, depending on the Module. For example:

Module         Parameter
------------   ----------------
Warehouses   > Warehouse Name
Tickets      > Filter Name
Reports      > Report Name
Entity       > Screen Name
Accounts     > Screen Name or Account Name

you know what… I actually did do that, but quit when I saw the navigation on the automation commands…

Thanks loads, this is now perfect :smiley:


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