Possible Issue in Time frame dropdown from reports

I have succesfully closed one working period… yesterday.
as soon as I enter in the working perido report page, i can see in the dropdown a lot of choices but not the close working period, but if I chose yesterday, and then i click again in the dropdown, the working period appears…


Isn’t it Yesterday? What’s wrong?

jajajajajajajjaja, sorry, i was not clear enough.
The closed working period was “30 de janeiro…” and it does not appear in the first screen, as soon as you click in yesterday, it magically appears, jajajajajaja… sorry, first time was a little bit confusing…


You’ll have at least 365 work periods in a year so we don’t list all work periods in ComboBox. We only display work periods in reporting date range. So you can use “yesterday, this week” shortcuts or enter a date range.

yes i can understand that, but first it the work period does not appear, and as soon as you click in yesterday, the dorpdown shows the two periods… i think i am not understanding the behaviour… yet. sorry.


Use it for a while and once you have enough data you’ll get the idea.

Thanks for everything!!!